2 weeks ago we took a week between housesits to revisit a few of our favorite places and do a little more exploring. Our first stop was Durdle Door! I just can not get enough of that view! We stayed at a Holiday Park RIGHT at the beach and I loved taking the kids out for “beach school” or to the crazy impressive adventure playground they had on site. It was good for my soul to spend some good time at the beach. I just need that, you know? Evan even took a morning off to walk over to Lulworth Cove with us, which was gorgeous! Durdle Door has quickly become one of my favorite spots on Earth! While there we also had to go back to the Red Lion pub for the Chicken Waffle Club sandwich! I had ordered that on our first trip to Durdle Door and couldn’t believe how UN-English and outrageously tasty it was! We’d all been craving it ever since so we got our chicken and waffle fix and our tummies were just as happy as our souls.

On our way out we got to visit the Tank Museum which was right in the area and it was seriously impressive! It was striking to me to watch how we evolved from wars fought in trenches to building these massive armoured vehicles capable of driving right over those trenches and loaded with just unbelievable firepower. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the feeling after walking through the exhibit about how we transitioned from War Horses to tanks; from living things with a heartbeat and feelings, then entering the more modern tank display. It was a little unsettling! I felt a wave of horror and sadness even, wash over me as I looked up at these massive, lifeless machines built with just incredible capabilities for destruction. It really hit me just how terrifying it would be to see these driving through your city, or watching them approach you in your trenches. Thatcher lit up a little more at all of this than this Mama Bear would prefer, but it truly was a great stop. Very well done, so educational and enlightening!
And with that we said goodbye to Dorset! What a special place and sweet, sweet memories for us to treasure for a lifetime!

– from @nomaderwhere_mama on instagram.

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