Next we had a weekend in a very rainy and muddy Battle, where they were hosting a reenactment of the 1066 Battle of Hastings (William the Conqueror took over England). We’re not normally big on reenactments but this one came highly recommended and we’ve come to trust that anything put on by the English Heritage is going to be top notch! It was, indeed, very impressive and our kids just ate up the history on display there. We left feeling like experts!

It was obvious we were missing our college football season though; we never gave up hope for a Saxon comeback, even after they lost and my kids had no problem trash talking the Normans. The Norman army heckled the kids for their flags and jeering, threatening to burn down their houses and villages and taunting them as they marched off the field, it was hilarious! What can I say, we love a good underdog. There’s always next year!

– from @nomaderwhere_mama on instagram.

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