We got to watch an English autumn unfold from our three week house sit in a small commuter town between London and Cambridge, just over a month ago. We were caring for a sweet pup named Bert and on our first day there Bert’s owners took us to a nearby wood where Bert liked to walk. We spent almost every single day after that in those woods, they were so magical. The kids loved to raid neighboring teepees to build forts or swing on the amazing tire swing, and I liked taking Bert on runs around the woods, listening to podcasts and meditating, while the kids played. It was a haven for all of us. A place to learn, explore, run and play, think, and marvel in the beauty of the changing season.
While there we took a day to explore beautiful Cambridge and we left feeling smarter and more sophisticated just for having wandered around the University and poking our heads in wherever we could! The leaves were crunching below our feet on the cobblestone streets, the punting boats were out in mass, the yellow leaves were set against bright blue skies, and the street performers were singing opera. Pretty cool.

– from @nomaderwhere_mama on instagram.