Elsenham was also a great place to spend Halloween, despite everyone warning us it wouldn’t compare to Halloween in the US! I don’t know what they’ve seen about American Halloweens but they were almost self conscious telling us about their celebrations, so we set the bar pretty low. I don’t think they give themselves nearly enough credit though; it was all super fun and very well done!
The thrift stores had perfect costumes and lots of decorations, so we were able to go pretty big just like we used to at home! The house looked amazing, it was nice and spooky and really fun!
There were pumpkin patches, corn mazes, candy apples, Bonfire Spiced Lattes, trick or treating and a pre-trick or treating Halloween party at the local pub! It felt like a REAL Halloween which was just so satisfying after last year in New Zealand where it’s just not a thing.

One really fun observation we made was that Halloween here is way more focused on the spooky side of the holiday. It isn’t Disney-fied here at all, the kids dressed up as scary skeletons, dead people and monsters. The more blood and scars, scary and disturbing, the better. We only saw like 3 people dressed up as movie characters and we noticed that even the costumes we bought– other than Batman and Joker, we had a bloody werewolf, a ghoul and a witch. Our first year with all spooky costumes!
The decorations were gruesome too, we saw half corpses hanging by the front door, big scary ghouls and lots of severed body parts scattered across yards. We bought this awesome skull candle with red wax on the inside that oozed out of the eye sockets when melted! Luckily our kids are all old enough to have been able to handle and even enjoy all the spookiness!
It was an awesome Halloween, thank you England/Elsenham!

– from @nomaderwhere_mama on instagram.