When we arrived in England we had a house sit lined up in Edinburgh for the whole month of November. Shortly after however, that sit fell through and we were crushed! We had been SO excited for Scotland and nothing else was really coming up for us in that corner of the world. We decided that it was important enough to us to just go anyways and find an Airbnb for the month, but doubts were creeping in and the weather started worrying us and for a while it felt like we wouldn’t go.
In the mean time I was able to talk with a few locals who got me thinking it wouldn’t be a terrible idea at all. They got me especially excited about the Isle of Skye, which I had never even heard of before but it sounded amazing! Naturally, only a short time later, we landed a short house sit on the Isle of Skye. It was just the nugde we needed to get up there!
We had a long drive up from Cambridge area, and drove right by the Lake District on our way. As fate would have it, some Worldschooling friends we had made in Bali last year (about this time, too!) were traveling around the Lake District and we got to meet up with them for a hike and some pub grub! So fun and just too good for our souls to be reunited with these girls!
We are so glad we didn’t let our anxieties about the weather stop us; Scotland in November is absolutely enchanting! Our long drive was immediately rewarded with the most stunning colors and sensational views. You know how green you picture Scotland? Well it ALL turns EVERY color in the fall and so EVERYWHERE you look it’s just a grand smattering of every fall hue imaginable. My mouth hung open most of the drive. I could not have been happier with our decision to brave Scotland in November and we had only been there a few hours.

We broke up the drive and stayed at a nice, comfy little Airbnb in Glasgow, and got to our sit on Isle of Skye right in time for the most gorgeous sunset and Wee Dinga(the horse)’s tea.

We were in one of the most beautiful corners of Scotland in a beautiful, newly renovated home, Pepper had a horse, our hosts were incredible and we could see the beach from the house. It wasn’t hard to tell we were in for a fantastic 10 days on Skye.

– from @nomaderwhere_mama on instagram.