I think the only thing we haven’t covered in Edinburgh yet was our visits to the National Museum of Scotland and the Museum of Childhood! I never want to forget what Thatcher said to me in the People of the World exhibit. He loved looking around and recognizing the Maoris and Aborigines; cultures we’ve visited and others we plan to visit and he said something to the effect of, “It’s crazy that most people here are learning about these people in a museum, but WE’VE BEEN/we’re GOING there.” I loved to see that appreciation for a hands on, in person education dawn on him!
But as much as it looks like we did lots in Edinburgh, what really characterizes our time in Edinburgh for me is Nerf wars and Perler beads! We landed in Edinburgh and hit a serious wall. Burnout settled in on us in the worst way, and our Airbnb was just incredibly cozy. And they had a whole armory of Nerf weapons for the kids to play with! It was wild because it wasn’t even all that nice but for some reason we were just SO HAPPY there and felt very at home. So with all that there was to do in AMAZING Edinburgh, all we wanted to do was play at the house, walk down the street to an awesome park every day, visit the libraries, eat a fabulous Thanksgiving feast, and shop the thrift stores for ugly Christmas sweaters and scooters to ride on the skate park!
Lucky for us we had a nice long, relaxing house sit to look forward to over Christmas! It felt like the only thing keeping us going some days 😅

– from @nomaderwhere_mama on instagram.