Hopefully it’s obvious that we just loved our time with Suzanne and Kelli. We couldn’t be more grateful they chose to come see us! For the second time, mind you! They traveled to visit us in Canada as well, so we feel extra special!
Suzanne is my Dad’s little sister and my whole. life. I’ve looked up to her. My WHOLE LIFE. She’s always had a very special place in my heart, up on a pretty cool pedestal. And Kelli is her perfect match! The ying to her yang, the peanut butter to her jelly. Hard to imagine life before her in it. We’re so crazy about them both.

And as much as I love them, my kids are absolutely obsessed with them!! They love my kids better than I do, it’s just true. They have an incredible way of leveling with them and making them feel so valued, heard and fun.
They make us laugh so hard and think so big. We love you Zanne and Kelli! Your visit filled our souls 😘😘

– from @nomaderwhere_mama on instagram.