A year and a half ago we met this amazing couple at a beautiful retreat for Mormons going through a faith crisis. We had just sold everything we owned and had set out to see the world, and as fate would have it this retreat lined up perfectly with our road trip across the US. Shared pain and crazy vulnerability, karaoke and Johnny’s killer dance skills brought us together and we have kept in touch ever since.
This year they decided to make one of their wildest dreams come true, and they sold up to move their family to Sweden, where Johnny’s family is originally from.
We got to hang out with them at the London airport on their way to Sweden and it was the sweetest experience! Our friendship is one that is no fluff, no pretence; so real and so deep, and it was that way from the get go. We shared a lovely cuppa and talked for hours yet it felt like minutes and they had to catch their next flight.

We’re so excited/terrified/proud/empathetic/slightly sorry as we watch them make their dreams a reality. Go Eklofs go!

– from @nomaderwhere_mama on instagram.