Christmas was great and all, but the real gift came to us the day AFTER Christmas! Truly, my kids were more excited for this visitor than they were for Santa… My sister Hannah came to visit us!! And we couldn’t have been happier to have her join us for our last week in England! A mere 3 days after getting ENGAGED, no less!! It was so special to have shared the fresh excitement and thrill with her, even though I was all the way over in England! She was still glowing when she got there and I was lucky enough to pick her up from the airport by myself, so we had plenty of time to review every detail! And even better, we pulled off the highway at a random exit to find some food on our way back to Charity Farmhouse and happened upon the absolute c.u.t.e.s.t little quintessential English village (Denham) with the sweetest crooked houses and pubs, and enjoyed an amazing little lunch date. It was so good to have her all to myself and hear all about her fiance for a bit before the kids mauled her and clung to her the whole rest of her visit. The perfect start to our time together!
The kids were just besides themselves with excitement when I finally got back with Hannah. They were literally hanging off her the entire 5 days she was with us!
The first item of business was, of course, dress shopping! Pepper and I took Hannah dress shopping for the first time which was SO special!! We cooked up an epic Christmas feast with a few goodies Hannah brought us from home as well as traditional UK Christmas foods! Topped it off with Christmas crackers, Christmas pudding (Hannah’s face perfectly captured our thoughts on the experience), and minced pies.
One day we decided to find our way to the local pub from the house, and enjoyed a beautiful walk along the river, through fields of sugar beets and past an eclectic boat house community. We choked down a few “fish bites” before walking home in a gorgeous 3:30 sunset!
We were loving the opportunity to share such a special place with our Aunty Hannah!

– from @nomaderwhere_mama on instagram.