We sent Hannah off with a BANG. We had a hotel room right on the river in downtown London for NYE 2020 and watched the fireworks from Lambeth Bridge! Hannah hung out in the hotel room watching movies with the kids while Evan and I staked out a spot and made friends with a little French girl and her grandfather! We had a lot of fun practicing our French, and the kids had fun playing with her when they came to join us. There was such a sweet energy on the bridge that night! We made conversation with a family from Spain, sisters from Syria, a girl from Sydney, the French family I mentioned and another family from Kent. Everyone was full of kindness and excitement for the New Year, it was such a thrill! The show was awesome but over too soon, and before we knew it we were back in our hotel room.
But the night had one last surprise in store… My friend Bethany from at home in Lilburn was watching on Lambeth Bridge as well! I got her texts when I got back to the hotel and was able to run right back out to give her an amazing New Year’s squeeze in London! She came up and caught up with the family for a bit, and then we shared a really sweet talk as I walked her back to her side of the bridge. That woman is a gift, and it was a gift to be with her in London this NYE. Both out, living our dreams, consciously building the lives we always wished for, together in London.
We let Hannah sleep a few minutes before walking through sleeping London to catch the tube back to the airport.
Sister, thank you for joining us in England! Thank you for leaving your brand new fiance, for being willing and able and adventurous enough to make this trip happen! I’m just so proud of all you’ve done and are doing and I’m so glad I got to be a part of such an exciting year for you! Cheers to you, sis 😘

– from @nomaderwhere_mama on instagram.