So it turns out our dear friend Bethany was in London with her son who was marching in the London New Year’s Day Parade with our old local High School from Lilburn! And lucky for us the parade route was easy walking distance from our hotel so after I got back from taking Hannah to the airport we went out to find a piece of home in London!
Finn was feeling sick that morning though, so I hung back in the hotel room a little longer and made it out to the parade just in time to see Parkview get to the grandstand! I ran over to the side street where they were exiting the grandstand so I could give them a little Lilburn love, and though the video got completely messed up you can hear how excited we all were to make that connection in London! Such an unexpected gift from the universe to have a piece of home in London with us! So wild that we had never even heard of the parade, much less that Parkview would be in it, but we were right there and available to see them! And what a cool opportunity for those lucky lucky kids (and chaperones)too!! Exhausted after a late night and an exciting, eventful day, we left London to find our beds back in Suffolk for just a few more nights before we bid England farewell and started our European adventures.

– from @nomaderwhere_mama on instagram.