We spent the last few days at Charity Farmhouse cleaning, packing, preparing the car for the upcoming trip but most importantly soaking up our last visits with the amazing friends we had made there. Who could have guessed that on a dead end street out in the middle of rural, farm town Suffolk we could have matched with such cool, fun and friendly neighbors!! And all with kids, no less!! We made friends for life there, and we left a piece of our hearts (and the other half of our keychain, gifted to us by the Catchpole family) in Wades Lane.
We already miss laughing our faces off with Luke and Nikita while the boys played soccer and video games and the girls played house with their baby dolls, made bugs out of slime named “Boris” and “Johnson” and kept us on our toes with all their spunk and sass and silly games such as “smuggle all the keys in the house” 😅
I will miss sharing a warm cuppa with Sophie and Peter and their kids while we talked about the English school system and travel and laughed at silly differences between the US and the UK.
These good people so quickly and warmly invited us into their houses and hearts and made us feel so at home. I just couldn’t believe that in such a short time we had found friends we could share a meal with, stay up late talking and laughing and laughing and laughing with. We had arrived at Charity Farmhouse so empty. We were in pretty desperate need of some serious rest and connection/community and we found just exactly that! We left feeling so rejuvenated and ready to carry on.
It was so hard to say goodbye. So many tears were shed, but as we pulled out the amazing Catchpoles came out to hug us and wave us off and I can’t think of a sweeter, more fitting end to our time in the UK.
We spent almost a full 6 months traveling up and down and all around the UK and it was so good to our family. This place has left an impact on each of us that will not ever be forgotten. While for us it’ll always be more about the friendships than anything, we also experienced a deep, tangible refreshment from the sheer beauty of this amazing country. Oh England, we just can’t wait until the next time. Until then, cheers ✌️

– from @nomaderwhere_mama on instagram.