Johann invited the littles and I to join the boys for the last bit of their tour! We met at Omaha beach to attend the retrieving of the colors in the American cemetery.

The next day the boys took us to see some of their favorite spots from their tour, we visited a museum and then played on Utah beach. Showing proper reverence at sites such as these is tricky when you have four young kids who sightsee on a pretty regular basis. Our older boys recently read a book with their Dad called D-Day Dog where a school class visits the D-Day beaches and there’s a struggle as to whether playing on these beaches was respectful or not. It was decided in the book that those soldiers gave everything so that those beaches COULD be played on so we agreed that it might just be the most fitting way for us to show our gratitude to those brave men and women, at least at this point in our family life. We’d pause the soccer game every once in a while to point out the shipwrecks still visible up the coastline or to tell a small bit of the story and I think it was a memorable experience for everyone.

– from @nomaderwhere_mama on instagram.