This has been the first place we’ve been where we don’t know the language AT ALL (other than our vacations in Fiji and Bali, surrounded by English speakers to help us). Like, ZERO German skills! So that’s been an adventure! We weren’t completely prepared for how hard that would be! It was such a bummer that we couldn’t just make friendly conversation with the neighbours walking by or not even knowing if the cashier at the grocery store just asked you something you should be answering. You’d figure it out eventually when they’re just staring at you awkwardly so then I’d try to explain “Ich spreche kein Deutsche!” (I don’t speak German!) A few people could then get the point across in broken English, which was always a huge relief! But other than that it was Danke! (And the occasional “Gratzi! or Merci! on accident!) So that definitely contributed to our chill, stay home vibe too. I wished we had learned more German before arriving but I do feel like we’ve all learned some very, very basic German while we’ve been here and I’m feeling great about that! Learning a new language is so hard but so rewarding!
So you can imagine what a gift it has been that our next door neighbors are INCREDIBLY cool and friendly, speak just enough English AND have twin 8 year old boys, whose only English words are “Yes!” “No!” and “Futbol!” Which meant, of course, they got along just superbly with our crew! Play knows no language, they had a blast playing after school in their backyard!
I took the kids to find a park one day and Finn and Pepper both started pumping on the swings! //
A simple chapel sits on top of the hill at the end of our street, offering spectacular views of the valley below and the snow capped mountains in the distance. It’s been a special spot for me since we’ve been here. I love to climb up there after a run up the mountainside to stretch, cool down, mediate, and just take in the beauty. //
We did get ONE snow day while we’ve been here, and the kids were outside all day to glory in it! They built snow forts, a snowman, had snowball fights, drank hot chocolate and in the morning the sun was back and it was gone again. But an awesome day for team Mullins!

– from @nomaderwhere_mama on instagram.