And last but certainly not least we took advantage of our first opportunity to ski in the Austrian Alps! We had planned on skiing all month but we had some serious sticker shock when we realized how expensive that would be. One day was enough to pack a pretty powerful punch to the wallet, so we lived it up for that one beautiful day!
The kids all took lessons; Finn and Pepper joined ski schule for the day and the older boys took lessons with a private instructor. It gave Evan and I opportunities to give the kids different one on one attention which was really cool!
We had time after we dropped the younger ones off at ski schule to do a run or two before the big boys’ lesson, so we picked a nice easy green route to start us off for the day.
Let me back up and just remind everyone about our skiing backgrounds:
I lived in Canada until I was 12 so I had been skiing a good handful of times as a kid. It wasn’t our family’s thing, but we went on school field trips and on occasion we’d go with my cousins, stuff like that. I can get by, but I’m by no means an expert.
Thatcher and Levi did ski school in Canada last winter and got really good and comfortable! We had a season pass and went at least once a week the 4 months we were there. Again, not experts by any means but Thatcher especially is really proficient.
Evan grew up in sunny, hot Georgia folks. It snows maybe once a year, and has only started skiing because he married a Canadian. We went once in Canada with my family, once in college with our friends, and then in Canada again last winter. And I thought he was doing really well! I kind of figured he’d gotten it down. 😬

So we’re off on this green run. Green is the easiest, by the way. I’m having a BLAST. I can’t believe how cool this trail is, I could do it all day. The boys are loving it too! Evan thinks it’s beautiful and really cool but is a little less comfortable and confident. So then we turn a corner and we have to cross a bigger run. Guys, the edge just dropped. off. I couldn’t see the ground even 10 feet ahead, it was straight down!! But that’s ok, we just have to wait for a break in the expert Austrian skiiers flying down the mountain to cross..

– from @nomaderwhere_mama on instagram.