… over and continue on our happy green trail. But I definitely had a moment of oh no, what was I thinking… If that was a blue run (the next step up from green) I was in way over my head. But the only way out of it was down. And then take a lift up to another higher trail and then from there you can get back to the bunny hill.
Poor Evan guys, it got a little steep jumping back onto the green and he was struggling at even that! He had a few wipeouts that really got me worrying about getting him back to the lodge safely. And we had so much further to go! Well, that path we crossed over to was only a small loop that took us right back to the blue hill we had just crossed and then there were no more green paths. The only way to get to the ski lift was straight down.
You guys. My poor Georgia boy. He told us we could go ahead and I hesitated but he insisted he wanted me with the boys. So Thatcher takes off and is showing us who’s the boss. Makes it down in no time. Levi is probably just more anxious than anything but I get him making nice big S Curves and we’re doing fine but we stop at one point to wait for Evan because my conscience is not ok with leaving Evan to do this alone.
At this point it should be noted that the man is wearing blue jeans. Blue jeans in the Alps. Because we just couldn’t scrape together enough winter gear, so not only is he feeling like an amateur at this point but he also really looks like one. And he just stands there trying to gather his courage for a good long time. I’m looking up from below and I see his hat, then I see no hat, I see some skis, then I see the man walking down the hill, carrying his skis. I’m relieved, honestly. But feel terribly sorry for him! But at least I know he’ll make it down safely so me and Levi take off again. We get down and we wait. And wait. And wait. And finally our heroic Georgia boy emerges, slipping and sliding down the hill in his ski boots. He’s ready to call it a day, his knee hurts, he’s beyond done and I’m looking around for someone with a snowmobile who could take him back to the lodge because the only way forward is back up and back down again! He makes it down again with the help of…

– from @nomaderwhere_mama on instagram.