… a kind Austrian lady who had stopped on his first walk down the mountain to say something in grumpy sounding German when Evan was sure he was being chastised for being on a hill he had no business being on, but this time just kindly took his skis and carried them down to where the green path started for him. Bless her!
He made it back to the lodge all in one piece just in time to join ski schule for lunch. He decides that he might like to try being a ski lodge Dad.
We spent the rest of the day on the Kinder (kid) slopes and had a great time skiing with our ski fanatic kids! They are SO impressive! Thatcher and Levi got back out with their instructor and mastered the crazy blue course, I really regret not getting back out and doing the green again, but really it was so much fun going up and down the bunny hill with Pepper just absolutely non. stop. She couldn’t get enough. And then taking Finn over to the bigger kinder slopes for the first time and watching him just light up and crush those runs over and over and over. They had to kick us out. We were the last ones off the mountain that day, we had to peel Pepper off the bunny hill. It was a great first day of skiing in the Alps and possibly Evan’s last. His knee is feeling much better now, though, thanks for asking 😅😬😣

– from @nomaderwhere_mama on instagram.