We had to decide between January in Austria or January in Shanghai this year. I had everyone convinced that Chinese New Year would be an experience of a lifetime and we were so close to accepting the sit in Shanghai, but the kids just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to ski and play in the snow. Devastated, we turned down the offer for China but as we have watched the Wuhan Coronavirus sweep through the country, cancelling New Year celebrations and shutting down transportation we have felt so grateful for such a happy alternative in Austria!

We had a really great month there and enjoyed the home, the pets, the neighbors, the language, the adventure and the sunshine. It was sad to say goodbye this past Tuesday!
We tackled the full 15 hours to get to our next house sit in south-western France all in one day. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to drive through the Alps just check out the picture of the tunnel. The Europeans must have decided the best way to handle driving in the mountains was to just go through it because it is just tunnel after tunnel after tunnel! Not always the most scenic, but we also didn’t have a single bout of carsickness which is a first for mountain driving in our family!
The stir craziness was showing strong in our late night fart-noise frenzy video, but really it went so well. My kids never cease to amaze me with the way they roll with our long travel days! They’re little rockstars !
And now we’re so happy at our house in beautiful Dordogne! Happy to be able to speak the language, happy for such a cool house, happy to be able to walk into the village to buy fresh bread, and the kids are just over the moon to have a bonfire pit in the huge backyard! I think we’ve literally had a fire every day! My kids sneak outside as the sun is coming up and stoke the fire with the coals that are still hot from the day before. They stay out all day and go to bed with smoke in their hair, just as happy as can be. They say this is their favorite house sit yet; they say it reminds them of home.

– from @nomaderwhere_mama on instagram.