Evan is our resident artist and studied art all the way through University. He has learned about the prehistoric Lascaux cave paintings in every art history class he’s ever taken, and was excited to find out our house sit was within easy driving distance from them! I must admit I was less than thrilled about the outing but I am glad to report that I had totally misjudged; I was completely impressed!
Access to the original cave has been closed for several years to preserve the paintings, but they’ve built a life size re-creation of the portion of the caves containing the more well known paintings, so you actually feel like you’re in the cave! It was amazing!

After the cave tour they hand everyone a device and allow you to explore and interact with even more re-creations and exhibits, learning about how and why and what the paintings are all about, how they were discovered, etc. My kids especially were completely enraptured! The kids app was so well done! They did scavenger hunts, got to try their own cave painting, played games, took pictures… it was absolutely brilliant. Hours melted away as we were eagerly learning about these prehistoric works of art and before we knew it the museum was closed and they had to usher us out. Such a great learning experience for us all!

– from @nomaderwhere_mama on instagram.