There’s no way to fully embrace the culture in Southern France without at least dipping into the world of Bordeaux wines. Wine is such an integral part of the culture and way of life around here and our sit literally borders wine country! Bordeaux, I’ve heard, is like the Mecca of wine lovers so Evan and I decided to dive in! We went to tour and taste at a small organic vineyard this weekend. It was such a rich experience!
Christophe, our guide, runs a small two-man operation growing, pruning and picking his 9 hectares by hand then producing, bottling and labeling right on site. We learned SO much; this is a whole new world to us so it was great to have a vintner to ourselves for a couple hours to show us the ropes!
The drive through Bordeaux wine country was swoon-worthy even in the winter; I can only imagine what it would be once the vines are full and the trees are green again.
We didn’t want our kids to miss out on all the rich French culture that morning so we stopped at a pâtisserie on our way back and brought another beautiful, essential piece of French culture home with us; a big box full of decadent pastries to thank them for giving us a morning to steal away and experience this side of France together!
À la joie de vivre! 🍷

– from @nomaderwhere_mama on instagram.