We got to take part in the Carnival festivities in the next town over the other day. We felt lost and confused and yet completely amused the entire time; everyone just seemed to know what to do! There was no announcements or directions being given but it was some of the best people watching fun we’ve had in a long time! Everyone gathered in the front yard of this gorgeous old hotel dressed up in costume. Nothing happened at first but the kids wasted no time running around and making up games. Levi and Finn figured out how to say “Can I play?” and “I don’t speak French!” and played soccer with a group of boys. Then Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy and Elsa walked out of the hotel and handed bags of homemade confetti to all the kids. Spontaneous confetti wars broke out all over the yard! Then a group of majorettes walked up the street and everyone made their way over to watch, but suddenly they turned and marched away and everyone just… followed them. We were like… cool! So we just followed along, having no clue where we were going or what was happening. It turns out we were a parade! I think I saw maybe 8 people watching. They waved and we threw some confetti at them. The parade took a break at some sort of town square for the majorettes to do a dance, and then they just carried on winding through town until we got to a deserted parking lot with a barricade surrounding what I could only assume was a giant piñata shaped like a woman. The majorettes did a few dances, their teacher smoking like a chimney and dancing along off to the side; the Disney characters did a big countdown and then popped a few confetti canons, they caught the piñata on fire and everyone watched her burn. The burning of “Petassou” I later read, is a Carnival tradition in Durdogne. There were a few more dance numbers from the majorettes, their teacher spontaneously leading them on random marches around the parking lot and then just as suddenly as they appeared they turned and walked off down the street! Like, next to cars driving! We stood there, took it in for a moment, and then just laughed our way to the car, happy to have been privy to such a hilarious, precious small town celebration.

– from @nomaderwhere_mama on instagram.