I’ll catch you up on our Grandpa Low tour after I’ve been able to share it with my family first, but even after a full weekend in Normandy we decided we couldn’t pass up a 3 hour detour on our way back to our house sit in Southern France to show our kids the Eiffel Tower for the first time!
It was dark and chilly but a beautiful, clear night when we got to our Airbnb literally right around the corner from the Eiffel Tower, so we got to see it all lit up. We weren’t even close to prepared for how excited our kids were to be there! They were actually ecstatic! They see cool, bucket list worthy stuff all the time but for some reason this one blew their little minds! They all commented on how it exceeded their expectations in its grandeur and impressiveness. They didn’t know that it sparkles every hour either, which started within a few minutes of arriving and it was so fun to watch their faces light up with that!
Their energy and excitement was so rewarding that when they all immediately asked if we could go to the top we didn’t even think. We jumped right in and bought tickets even though we hadn’t even considered it before. It was spontaneous and thrilling! We were some of the very last people to go up that night and we weren’t sure going up at night was ideal but it definitely was!! Not that I can compare it with a nice clear day up there, but it was so easy to spot the big icons in Paris as they were all lit up and stood out above the rest of the town at night. It. was. GORGEOUS.

– from @nomaderwhere_mama on instagram.