The Arc de Triomphe.
A beautiful sight!
Napoleon’s big win!
Paris icon!
Also an epic civil engineering disaster which should invoke fear and panic in the hearts of every visitor driving through Paris for the first time.
WHERE. ARE. THE. LANES. PEOPLE??! It’s a 4-8 lane (somewhere in that vicinity, I couldn’t tell) traffic circle free for all where buses have NO FEAR because they WIN. THEY WILL WIN EVERY TIME. I literally had a bus cross all 12 lanes of mayhem and threaten to T-bone us if I didn’t just yeild. And you just forge your way through that mess however you can without dying and pray for the best. Good heavens you guys, that was an adventure. I did get us through, alive, on only our second time around so 🏆.

– from @nomaderwhere_mama on instagram.