It’s been a week πŸ˜… Our house-sit in France ended this past Sunday so we had been soaking up our lovely friends and the sweet “provincial life” until then. Sunday we woke up at 5 to get an early start on our 13 hour drive to our rental home on the southern coast of Spain. There’s a community/hub of Worldschoolers not far from MΓ‘laga and we were so excited to be a part of this diverse, like minded community for a month before returning to the States in April! We had plans to visit Morocco from here as well.
Well a few minutes into our drive it was clear Stephen Chancey (our English minivan) was not going to make it. He had started acting up the day before and it was bad. So, we turned around, called upon our AMAZING neighbor friends and they came over with their Dad, took a look at our car, drove around with us, and confirmed… Chancey would have to retire in a junkyard overlooking the countryside in Southern France. We felt SO LUCKY to have friends to help us navigate that and then buying last minute flights to Spain. We were so well cared for all the way to the bitter end. We stayed the night, repacked everything for a flight rather than a road trip, got rid of tons of extra weight, and caught our flight the next morning to Spain.
Crisis averted?! Spain is beyond anything we could have imagined! We were absolutely gobsmacked by the beauty here and also by the incredible community of Worldschoolers here. We get right down to enjoying the beach, the sunsets, the instant friends, and eating every meal overlooking the Marina del Este. And then we woke up the other morning with like 7 text messages altering us to the US border closure. And then 4 cases of Coronavirus are officially reported in the next town over. The hysteria starts to pick up and all day I couldn’t shake the feeling it was time to go home.
Today we bought our tickets and tomorrow we plan to go home. We fly into Miami first then we’re supposed to continue to Orlando, assuming our screenings go smoothly in Miami!
Fingers crossed for us, friends! See you on the other side 🀞😷🀞

– from @nomaderwhere_mama on instagram.