Sorry Insta-friends, I’ve been posting on Facebook for the bigger character allowance but here’s our update!
We landed in Miami Sat night straight from Spain. Europe’s “next Italy.” Our flight came directly from Madrid, the epicenter of Coronavirus in Spain, accounting for over half of the cases there.
The screening as we arrived back in the US was lacking at best. It was almost non existent. They took passengers off the plane in groups of 20. Lined us up against a wall and walked us into a room where a handful of CDC workers were collecting families’ contact info in case someone sitting near you on the plane reports symptoms (why they wouldn’t just alert everyone on whole plane is another concern… Pretty sure we all used the same 4 bathrooms). We stood with a CDC worker in a mask and he asked us a few questions and scribbled our responses on a form. We gave a verbal “no we’re not sick” and went on our merry way. They didn’t even check our temperatures. For all they know we could have put on a happy face to get through screening. (We didn’t, we’re completely heathy at the moment!) There was no mention of taking precautions, there was no recommending we self isolate, only a couple signs around the airport that said pay attention to your health over the next 14 days and stay home if you develop a cough or fever.
Honestly, a big part of me was so relieved. I had lost serious sleep with my anxiety for what this advanced screening would look like, with 4 tired kids whose bodies are still on Spain time (read 2 a.m.), especially coming straight from Madrid (we weren’t staying there, but our flight from Malaga connected through there). They were far more concerned that Evan had an apple and orange in his backpack. We went through a whole work up to clear rigorous agricultural screenings… But Coronavirus screenings on the other hand? 🤷

It felt like I’m more concerned about the potential that we’re carriers than anyone at the airport was. We’ve taken it on ourselves to self quarantine at Evan’s parents house in the Atlanta area while they’re out of town right now and will figure out a longer term plan ASAP!
In the meantime Happy St Patrick’s Day!

– from @nomaderwhere_mama on instagram.