Alright friends, how are we? Are we holding up? Not really but we’re still here? That’s ok here. We’re all in this hot mess together and here it’s ok to not be ok but all that matters is that we are still here, we’re not running, ok maybe we can’t run from this literally but let’s just keep showing up ok? Just a quick GO TEAM from me 💪

Ok. Here’s how WE are. We had a solid 12 days of total quarantine when we got home from Spain. We landed in the softest way we could have landed, given the circumstances. Evan’s parents were away for a couple weeks so we were able to quarantine at their house. I need you to just appreciate what a gift that was with me for a minute. We had just been through a wicked whirlwind of panic and lockdown and cars breaking, 2 last minute international flights, and we knew the next right thing was to quarantine. And the grief and the stress and the wildness of those weeks and those transitions and those sudden, scary changes was just waiting for us to slow down enough to see it. It hit Evan’s back/neck hard enough to land him at the Chiropractor. But there we were in his childhood home. Our kids’ grandparents home. A home filled with sweet memories with cousins, familiar toys and music and familiar, familiar, happy, comfort. That was a gift. Thank you Grammy and Papa (who had to actually extend their time away when the country began shutting down right in front of them and couldn’t just come home earlier than planned, out of respect for our quarantine needs). We came out happy and healthy on the other side of our quarantine just in time for Atlanta to start shutting down. We were able to soak up Evan’s parents for a few days, and then we moved into a month to month Airbnb rental in Augusta, which is where MY parents live. We enjoyed one week of visiting with our parents and my brother and his amazing, beautiful family with a new baby cousin for us to love on before all of Georgia was put under a shelter in place order. So now we’re busy doing just that. Lots of egg hunts, music, walks, crafts, cooking, cleaning, yard work, school and work, self care, movies, MP3 players, hammock time and playing in our Airbnb’s great backyard. Stay SAFE

– from @nomaderwhere_mama on instagram.