We’ve been trying to pin down this feeling. It’s funny because we’re already used to homeschooling and working from home, that hasn’t been a big adjustment for our family. We’re even used to traveling and not knowing anyone, so going days and weeks without seeing friends and family is not foreign to us. Yet we’re struggling with this sense of heaviness. We’re feeling unstimulated. We’re bored. Weightless, we’re just floating through the days… Doing our normal school and work and self care routines but somehow this is just different. The thing I always come back to when life starts feeling aimless and boring is setting my intentions every day. I find that when I’m intentional about taking care of my body and mind, my house and my kids I always feel better. When I set my intentions I’m more likely to accomplish even just little things every day and that give my spirits a boost. My basic daily intentions right now look like: read a chapter, write one paragraph in my journal, play one song on the piano, shower and get dressed, drink water, walk and run, vacuum one room, wipe one thing that needs wiping, do one load of dishes, one load of laundry. Also, I plan dinner in advance so I don’t just throw another frozen pizza in the oven at 9pm 🤷 When I make small, simple goals I can easily get that shot of accomplishment when I can cross it off my list AND I usually find that once I’ve started I can easily do more than just 1… So that turns into 2 or 3 or 10 and then I feel even better! But even if I only do the one… That’s better than the nothing I’ve been doing and that’s still exciting progress!
I don’t know, it’s not much but it helps me. Hopefully this helps someone out there get another day closer to the end of this!
How about you guys; What does self care and motivation look like for YOU right now?

– from @nomaderwhere_mama on instagram.