Do you know what I wish for sometimes? I wish that I could bring my mama to meet all our new friends from all over the world. My mom has always known and been loved by all my friends, all along. You just have to understand, she’s one of the cool moms. One you want to introduce to your friends. The loud one in the stands at every soccer game and front row at every concert. The mom you don’t mind having as chaperone at your senior prom or on your band trip to Disney World. The one your friends run up to (some still are) with arms wide open shouting “Momma Lowry!!!” So sometimes it crushes me that the lovely friends we’ve made may never get to know the goodness of being loved by Momma Lowry.
So I wanted to do something today.
I wanted to introduce you to my Mom.
My mom’s name is Geri.
She’s Canadian and STILL says “soh-ree” instead of sorry. She’s a hospice nurse and is exactly the kind of person you’d want at your side when you are in that impossible position. She has 5 super cool kids (I’m the oldest) and is herself the youngest of 9! She has 9 almost 10 grandbabies she loves to spoil and who lovingly call her Bonga (thanks to Thatcher when he was 2). She loves babies and dogs and is the kind of person who goes out of her way to compliment someone walking by. She loves to talk and laugh and be crazy, she’s the life of the party, I’m telling you– you’d love her!
So friends, if you haven’t met my Mom and you want in on some of this goodness, come over to the comments and say hi to Momma Lowry! Introduce yourself and let her know where you’re from! I think she’d genuinely LOVE to meet every single one of you and maybe, hopefully, one day we can make that happen in real life.

I’ve had a great weekend soaking her up and am forever grateful for this mama of mine!
Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

– from @nomaderwhere_mama on instagram.