500 Days as a Nomad Family

It’s been an even 500 days since we became homeless nomads. We sold the house and nearly everything we owned. We left home in the van only to sell the van as we hopped on a plane to Fiji en route to Australia and New Zealand for a string of housesits. We continue our homeschooling with a worldschool mindset and continue working remotely on a distributed team.

The Stats

We do our best to “be here now” and avoid treating travel like a checklist, but here are some stats on our 500 days.

United StatesFijiAustraliaNew ZealandIndonesiaCanadaGreat Britain
  • We’ve hit 6 countries (Fiji, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Canada, England)
  • 11 housesits (all 5 star reviews from our hosts) for 350 days housesitting
  • 28 short term rent/hotel/airbnb/campsites or other paid accommodations for 120 days
  • 30 days staying with family & friends
  • Cared for around 145 pets and animals as trusted sitters
    • 18 Dogs
    • 13 Cats
    • 11 Sheep
    • 34 Chickens
    • 9 Cows
    • 16 Birds
    • 2 Rabbits
    • 1 Turtle
    • 5 Fish
    • 1 Hamster
    • 4 Possums
    • 31 Kangaroo (4 infant joeys, 3 toddlers and the rest adults)
  • Vehicles:
    • 10 Rented Cars, Vans or people movers
    • 1 purchased (and sold) van in Canada
    • 1 purchased minivan in the UK (not sold yet)
  • 22 Airplanes
  • 55430 Miles traveled

Around the same total expenses for the nomad beds & planes & cars vs the same amount of time at home paying the mortgage and bills and usual life expenses. It’s been quite an adventure and incredibly educational for the whole family.

Who knows if we’ll go another 500 days, but no regrets here on where we are now and where we’ve been the past 500 days!

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