About Us

We’re the Mullins. We’re a normal family of 6. Evan & Krista, 3 boys (11, 9 & 7) and 1 girl (5). We are location independent, some call it nomad. We are a nomad family. We sold almost everything along with our house and cars and now travel the world as a family. We have no permanent home, in a sense we’re homeless, but by choice. We’re into slow travel, world-schooling, homeschooling, housesitting, remote work, location independence and mindful travel. Evan works online building websites while Krista manages the family education and survival as we roam the globe. We believe in what we do

We are travelers, not tourists.

We hope you enjoy our adventures half as much as we do, nomaderwhere they take us.


  • Trusted Housesitters – Website to connect home/pet owners with willing house sitters. Membership fee, but well worth it for free accomodations around the globe.
  • Bridge The Gap – The organization that works with Vorovoro, Fiji and accepts world schooling families.
  • Project Fi – Cell phone service through Google with global coverage.
  • Traveling Mailbox – Our mailing address, since we no longer have a home residential address. They scan our mail and email it to us. 

There are many paths leading to the top of Mount Fuji, but there is only one summit – love.

Morihei Ueshiba