Visiting Mount Rushmore National Monument

After our stop at the Badlands, we found ourselves arriving at Mount Rushmore at dusk.

That was ok, because it’s lit at night.


That is after a ceremony, so it was great to be there for the presentation which was a narration about the history of the carving and the reason each president was chosen. At the end of the presentation the lights come on and then we could see the huge carving!


Here’s a video to get a better feel for it (not my video):

We learned about George Washington, first President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson, third, Abraham Lincoln, sixteenth, and Theodore Roosevelt, the twenty-sixth. Each was chosen for their mark on the country. Washington cause he is the epitome of the founding father and helped gain independence as well as formed the standard for the country. Jefferson because he was responsible for expanding the country with the Louisiana Purchase. Lincoln for keeping the country together throughout the civil war, and Roosevelt for leaving the country through development and deepening the character of the nation and started the national parks program.


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