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At one of our outings we talked with someone who seemed fairly interested in what we were doing, and then she told us that she was a reporter and asked if we’d be up for an interview for a story. So a couple weeks later we had her over for a chat while she pressed record. Another week or so and we were on the Australian equivalent of NPR. Go have a listen, World schoolers put Central Victoria on their curriculum.

Just because you’ve got kids, doesn’t mean the international travel has to stop, says one couple from Atlanta, Georgia.

They’re living the dream having sold their house and many of their belongings to fund their open-ended global exploration, with their four children, who are all under 11. 
With no fixed return date, these world schoolers are using the globe as their classroom and couldn’t be happier.

Duration: 8min 48sec
Broadcast: Sat 15 Sep 2018, 6:00am

On Saturday Breakfast with Anne-Marie Middlemast .- ABC

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