Hello World!

Hello world, and goodbye to our stationary life. We’re becoming nomad.

We’re preparing to embark on a journey! Our goal is to tour the world. We have the next few months planned, but beyond that is still a mystery, and that’s ok with us! What an adventure it will be!


We are a young family looking to see what the world has to offer. We’ve got 4 kids under 12, all walking talking and potty trained (for the most part). We’ve been a homeschooling family for a couple years and recently became location independent. Meaning, Dad doesn’t have to go to an office to work, and now he has a full-time job that agrees with him on that. He works remotely as a front end engineer, if you don’t know what that means, he builds websites (like this one). Mom is our chief homeschooling manager to our 4 awesome kids. The kids are normal kids, into science and sports and enjoy music, games, books and exploring new places.

Hello World!

As a web engineer, I’m setting this site up in WordPress and if you don’t know, the first post is by default named Hello World (it’s a programming tradition) and I thought I had never had such a good use for the title, so I kept it.

Our family currently focused on purging our collection of things we have used to fill our home the past 10 years. As you can guess, we’ll need fewer things because we’ll have to carry them all with us wherever we go. So, for the next 6 weeks we’re navigating the process of thinning out our possessions: including our house and our cars and everything in between. We’re also navigating the process of becoming nomads, things like passports and travel insurance as well as global banking and travel, and not to mention the obvious, accommodations for our family. In short, all the paperwork, but our vision is what is keeping us going at this point!

The quick tentative version of our plan is to leave home in the southeast, go to the west and then jump to Australia and explore the south pacific and hopefully Asia until we make our way to Africa and Europe.

We hope you will enjoy following our travels half as much as we enjoy doing them, no matter where our nomading takes us.

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