Goodbye House

This week we got serious about selling our house. We paused a bit on the materialism purge and put our house (for sale by owner) on the market! We decided to jump with both feet and sell the house so we aren’t managing tenants from the other side of the world. Having to worry about things like refrigerator repairs or a leaky roof seems to be more difficult the farther away you get. It also helped that when we looked into it, the home values had increased since we’d last checked.

Selling our house makes the whole nomad wanderlust life a bit more of a leap of faith too. Since there will be no easy evacuation back to the home we’ve grown comfortable in for the past decade. But it is just a house, and though we made it our home, it doesn’t have to be. So, for the foreseeable future, we’ll live by the mantra “Home is Where You Are“.

Home is Where You Are

We won’t need a brick and mortar (or wood siding) house to call our home. We’ll shoot more for a state of mind, a state of family togetherness and being. We will be home with each other.

So we decided on Monday, when we had a neighbor list their house for sale, that we were running out of time and needed to follow suite. Luckily the housing market in our area had just kicked into pre-summer gear and things were hot. Houses were going faster than buyers could go see them and we’d even heard of some going under contract before the buyers even went to see the home. As we’re usually pretty DIY, we decided to give For Sale By Owner a shot since it is such a seller’s market and with the help of Zillow and Facebook (and Home Depot) we listed our house late Thursday. I honestly spent more time painting one night than I did sleeping. With the house listed, we set up an open house for Saturday and Sunday. We had a few calls from interested buyers and their agents and before our first open house already had an offer to consider!

Things are moving fast now and it’s making everything feel so much more real! We’re realizing that after so much purging already, we’re only just getting started! It only makes sense that as we say hello to a new way of life, we have to also say goodbye to the old way. You can’t turn the page without, well, turning the page.

It is nice to know though, that we’re only saying goodbye to a house, not our home. We’ll be taking the home part with us where ever we go, nomaderwhere.

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